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History of Dream Colorado Cream

My name is Cary Hogan and I am lucky enough to have grown up in the mountains of Colorado.  I was drawn to their natural beauty as a young girl which soon led to a thirst for knowledge regarding the flora and fauna around me.  I learned about Native Americans’ use of the indigenous herbs and their respect and understanding of the balance between nature and humans.  I was amazed at how nature provides us with what we need, right there in front of us! A way to heal and balance all sorts of ailments!

When I was younger, I was using all sorts of over the counter lotions to battle my dry skin.  I could never find anything “rich” enough to moisturize my skin, last all day and not leave me feeling greasy.  The other problem was the smell.  I cannot tolerate the smell of chemicals.  I have a sensitive nose, but I wanted something better.

Enter Aromatherapy!  I branched out into aromatherapy as I continued to learn about the wonderful world of herbs and flowers and their remarkable ability to treat us.  The nose is a wonderful sense that provides so many hidden benefits that offer gentle and natural remedies to heal you.  I tried using aromatherapy essential oils for medicinal purposes for my son with eczema and read about the different oils and what their healing properties were and began to mix my own lotions and Dream Cream Of Colorado was Born!!